Middlesbrough / Middlesbrough 001
© Ken Routledge
28th Sept & 5th Oct - 2008
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Middlesbrough  001

I have been doing photography for about forty years, and my web site www.cannyfolk.com hopefully shows of the North East of England at it best.  As the advert says, "A passionate person that is passionate about the North East of England"

I get annoyed when folk from other places, (not so well of as the North East) whinge on. The perfect example would be the programme "Location Location Location" that named Middlesbrough as the worst town.  Well….  like a red rag to a bull, for some of us. Martin Nesbitt wrote a song to put the world to right and when I heard it I went down to the Middlesbrough and take a few photos. 

The result can be seen at



I hope I did Middlesbrough and Martins Song proud.