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The city has suffered a significant loss of young lives in recent conflicts, and as a consequence, we have witnessed the remarkable efforts over the past year or so of a group of Sunderland parents and relatives – Brothers in Arms. The group, who having lost their sons in service, had the idea to raise funds to install a new permanent tribute in the form of a wall, next to the existing war memorial, to remember and honour all those who have fallen in service since World War Two.

They have worked tirelessly to raise the funds and to reach their target in an incredibly short space of time. At an event last week they wanted to thank everyone who has supported them and made a donation – and there have been many. However, they deserved the greatest thanks and praise of all and have done their loved ones and the whole city very proud indeed.

Sunderland is really leading the way in showing our gratitude to the Armed Forces, highlighting their commitment and bravery, celebrating the success of the many generations who have fought for our freedom, and taking positive action to make sure that we can never forget their service and sacrifice.

I am pleased to say that planning permission for the new memorial wall was recently granted, and once this year's Remembrance Service has been held in November, the building of the wall can commence. It is anticipated it will be ready for its official unveiling at the time of next year's Air show when once again Sunderland will continue its long standing tradition of welcoming the military and providing a stage for them to showcase their unrivalled discipline and talent. The wall will then have a special significance at the November 2011 Remembrance events."

Cllr. Paul Watson -Leader of the Council

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